Sunday, March 4, 2007

Creating Your Palette

Just like a painter or sculptor might make preliminary sketches in pencil or ink when visualizing a new work, I too often create aural "sketches" for reference in the early stages of a composition. Sometimes, this is just a way to put together a palette of sounds that will compose the landscape of the final work. This mp3 is an example of just that; it's a short sketch using only sounds I recorded in a pottery studio (see posts below) including the sound of a mic from Radio Shack inside of wet clay being manipulated by potter filmmaker Leighton Edmondson. The pottery studio session included shooting some more footage for video that, along with a live score that might include some of the sounds you hear in this mp3, will be part of a new collaborative work with choreographer Rachel Cohen to be performed at my March residency. Enjoy. I hope to post more "sketches" over the next few weeks...

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