Monday, June 25, 2007

June 28 and June 30 shows at Studio 111

June 28 and June 30, 7:30 pm, Studio 111, $5 suggested donation

Lewis 'Flip' Barnes - Trumpet
Chris Becker - Laptop, Compositions
Lynn Wright - Electric Guitar, Vocals

Special Guests:
Jeremiah Hosea - Electric Bass
Adrian Jevicki - Dance

Some more details on these upcoming gigs...

June 28th will be an "open rehearsal" which means we're going to put the final touches on pieces that are currently in an early stage of development. Before we begin playing, I like to address the audience, introduce the artists and describe a bit what everyone is about the hear and see. And throughout we'll try to get some dialogue happening between ourselves (the performers) and the audience and even ask for suggestions and feedback about the work.

I've found open rehearsals can have an incredible impact upon music - and it focuses a rehearsal in a way you don't experience without an audience.

June 30th will be the concert "for real." I'm hoping we get a nice turn out as all of the performers are incredible and the program is very strong. In March we had a great crowd - but who knows what'll happen this time around? You can go crazy trying to predict.

Anyway, we'll be performing two pieces with dancer Adrian Jevicki, material from my Saints & Devils CD and a new work-in-progress entitled "Shanty Town Suite" that I'm shaping as sort of a mini-concerto for Flip that touches on ska, dub and Charles Ives.

If you missed us back in March, check us out this time around. It'll be a lot of fun.

The Program for both dates:
Medicine Show (with Adrian Jevicki)
Wake Up Dead Man (Lynn Wright on vocals)
Shanty Town Suite - a work in progress
Stomp & Shout (with Adrian Jevicki)
Closing Improv

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