Saturday, October 6, 2007

Barnes, Becker and Wright vs Ballroom Dance Is Dead

(photo by Todd Carroll)

October 12 and 13 at Studio 111 (now called The Battle Ranch) Flip, Lynn and I do battle with Ballroom Dance Is Dead. BDID is an instrumental project consisting of Lynn Wright on guitars and Grant Curry (who will be here in NYC for these gigs) on electric bass. Tony Nozero plays percussion and drums on the CD. Lynn and Grant recorded the Ballroom CD in Grant's studio in New Orleans and we'll be reinterpreting some of the tracks in these two sets. Grant sent me wav files of tracks from the sessions and I loaded edits of these files into Ableton Live. We have created new arrangements that can change on the fly depending on the improvisational directions of the band - it's going to be really really cool. I also did a drastic remix of material from my Shanty Town Suite resulting in a very heavy dirge like dub. That is on the program as well. This will probably be our most rock and dub influenced shows with Flip steering us (as always) into even further unknown territories...

We'll also be officially premiering my piece Shanty Town Suite which we presented as a work in progress this past summer. Jeremiah Hosea made some nice contributions to the work at that early stage, and some of his effects heavy bass playing makes an appearance in one of the suite's three movements. Flip too was a big inspiration for this piece and you'll hear yet another side to his artistry in the performance. I thank The American Music Center who helped to fund this piece with their Composer Assistance Program.

If you HAVEN'T heard us PLEASE come out. We've done several killer shows since the Spring and while we hope to do more before the year is out, it may be awhile before we book a new round of gigs. Come both nights! Each night will be different...

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