Monday, January 28, 2008

Like Dirt photo essay continues (or After The Flood)

Photo of Racoco Productions dancer by Patty Rosenblatt.

Honey Gathering (Sketch for Like Dirt, Helga Davis vocals)

"As earth came back into view, Deucalion saw that it was an empty world, and tearfully told his wife how fortunate they were to have each other, but how precarious their hold on life still was. 'If only, by arts like my father's, I could create again the nations of the earth and breathe life, as he did, into the molded clay!'...They appealed for help to the oracle of Themis, who replied: 'Leave my temple, veil your heads, loosen your robes, and, as you go, throw behind you the bones of your great mother.' They were deeply perplexed until Deucalion interpreted their mother as the earth, and the bones of their mother as the stones in the body of the earth. So they picked up stones, and threw them behind their backs; and the stones grew, and changed into the shapes of men and women." (from Myths Of The Greeks And Romans by Michael Grant)

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