Friday, January 16, 2009

Back from Bloomington

Guitarist / Composer Dan Sumner

Me as a Mii

Back from Bloomington where my friend Dan Sumner premiered my composition Delta - my first piece for classical guitar. I have to thank the Bloomington Classical Guitar Society for commissioning the work and the American Music Center for awarding me a CAP grant to help fund the engraving of Delta's score. I also want to acknowledge Brent McPike who shared the bill with Dan. I really enjoyed his pieces for two classical guitars and...that may be the instrumentation for my next notated piece.

In other news...

Flip, Lynn, and I will be traveling to Columbus, Ohio in February for Capital University's NOW Music Festival. We'll be doing Music For Silent Films on February 13th at Capital with guitarist Stan Smith and some special guests. Lynn and I will also join Stan for an additional films show at Carabar (also in Columbus) on February 15th. More info to come.

Listening to a lot of new CDs this week:

Permagrin - As If In A Dream
BG McPike and The Haute Club - Smooth Landing
King Crimson - Discipline, Beat, Three of a Perfect Pair
Brian Wilson - Smile (Thanks for playing this for me, Dan!)
Lou Reed - Berlin, Live At St. Ann's Warehouse
Blind Faith
AC/DC - Black Ice
John Zorn - The Last Supper


Bill Sempf said...

Hey, Chris, if you have a second you should come check out the new pad. Give me a buzz when you get into town if you can.

B.G. McPike said...

I really enjoyed your pieces for solo guitar. Also, thanks for the recording!