Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Other Shoe

Last week's shows at The Tank were a blast. I have to give full props to Movement Pants Dance (Adrian, Anne, Chris, Nasim, and Rebecca) for presenting a truly magical evening of dance, clown and mask, and theater. Audiences at The Tank seemed especially receptive to Adrian's vision and on top of that, I received some very nice compliments regarding the score for La Spectra. So thanks everyone who came out.

Spring and on into Summer is going to be busy. I've just begun a score for choreographer Sasha Soreff for her upcoming evening length work The Other Shoe. Rehearsals are underway and I am scribbling furiously in the proverbial musical sketchbooks (i.e. a big black notebook, notation paper, Ableton Live, FL studio, the Kaoss pad, etc). I will post more about this score as it evolves. It will be a prerecorded score featuring guest musicians. Sasha's conceptual premise for The Other Shoe is how we humans choose to live with or let go of fear.

Performances of The Other Shoe will be at the Ailey Citicorp Theater (NYC) June 25 though June 28. More details to come.

On July 10 and 11 we'll present Music For Silent Films at Live With Animals. For this popular event, the musicians improvise live soundtracks to accompany a varied program contemporary silent films. The core group of improvisers includes myself (laptop), Lewis 'Flip' Barnes (trumpet), and Lynn Wright. Guitarist Stan Smith will be joining us for these shows. Other guests to be announced. Our colleciton of films continues to grow and we will be screening a lot of new works at these shows.

More mundane news...enjoying John Brackett's new book on the music of John Zorn, can't stop listening to Bob Dylan (Time Out Of Mind, Modern Times, the new one comes out today...), and am grateful for the change in the weather.

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Trista Hill said...

Not to keep harping on this (my God, did I really just say that???) -- sounds like we are lamenting that our marketing never ends and it requires a lot to maintain the balance between doing the good work and then actually getting it OUT there. And remembering we need to get it out there -- I so relate to that.

Speaking of, a producer / composer / arranger friend of mine joined Reverbnation and has acquired a ton of work from it. Are you a member? (I am not...). Apparently much of what you do on this site feeds into MySpace, so less updating stops to make.