Friday, June 26, 2009

The dream we all dance...

The Other Shoe runs at Ailey Citigroup Theater
Choreography by Sasha Soreff
Original Score by Chris Becker
405 West 55th Street
June 25th, 7:30pm
June 26th and June 27th 8:00pm,
June 28th, 7:00pm
Tickets $22/$14 (student/senior/artist)
More info...

Last weekend I came home after a rehearsal with the dance company I'm working with and happily got to catch some of a Gene Kelly movie on PBS. The film itself wasn't that great, but the dancing...holy cow. So musical. And one obvious point here is that Michael Jackson (rest in peace) was an incredibly musical dancer.

If you think the legacy of dance and popular music begins with Thriller, well...go check out videos (you can find them on YouTube) of Frankie Manning (another Harlem legend - yes, I know MJ is from Gary, IN) and definitely Sammy Davis Jr. That should get the ball rolling. These are just some of the people Michael Jackson studied, man. No question.

And isn't it inspiring to put him into this context? I'm reading a lot of "I remember when I first saw MJ moonwalk..." tributes. But I'm not reading anything that is really dealing with what inspired Michael Jackson's artistry or what his legacy may bring to us in the future.

Re: MJ (according to Pitchfork) MIA says "the future sucx." Whatever. When you get a little bit older you realize the future is a gift - and we're stuck with it. And its hard to say exactly how the past might inspire the future. But when I see Gene Kelly dancing like crazy with that cartoon mouse...hey, it's exciting. I can dream can't I?

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