Monday, June 8, 2009

Quietly freaking out

So Sasha had her dancers run through the various solo, duet, and ensemble pieces that she's created in an order that more than likely will undergo many changes over the next couple weeks. I was there with the pieces of music we've been playing in rehearsals and a few new tracks I'd composed since. Right now, music pretty much runs continuously throughout The Other Shoe, so I DJed as best I could with the dozen or so "demos" I had on CD while Sasha called out directions to the dancers. There are a handful of relatively short solos that need (and to not currently have) music. Whoops. I also discovered I need to create at least one more extended textural thing in the vein of the Pianos, Guitar, Bell, and Cymbals track (see below) for another tableau of duets.

I do believe the movement and music will hang together as an extended work. That is pretty evident even with the pieces of the puzzle still coming together.

Here's another piece of music we're working with. It combines a recurring pentatonic hook with notes from my Egyptian scale (D, Eb, F#, G, A, Bb, C#) to create a bitonal quasi gamelan atmosphere. Lenae Harris is heard on cello (she's amazing) and Jonathan Kane makes a virtual appearance as well on sticks.


More soon. We're all quietly freaking out.

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Trista Hill said...

I love the "Hope" piece!