Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some music in progress...

Photo by Hope Davis

Below are links to two "demos" I've created for Sasha Soreff and her dancers to begin seeing what sounds, tempos, and/or moods work with the various choreographed phrases (solo and ensemble). We're mixing and matching both the music and movement at this stage but it's been noted by the dancers as well as one person who attended our open rehearsal that the music seems to be fitting much of the movement like a glove. But we still have a lot of work ahead of us!

These "demos" are more accurately "mixes-in-progress" - and what I've chosen to post are the more realized tracks (i.e. not really sketches) in order to provide a more accurate aural picture (for you) of the world that will be The Other Shoe.

Pianos, Guitar, Bell, and Cymbals
Four and a Half (Fear Music)

Special thanks to Daniel Kelly who plays some very intense piano on the first "demo." There's also a recurring guitar crescendo that comes from Peg Simone from our Silver Threads sessions.

And Ralph "Buzzy" Jones' flute recurs in sampled form in Four and a Half.

More to come...

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Doris Murdock, Houston said...

very intense and I can almost see the movements