Friday, January 21, 2011

Music for Silent Films at CultureMap, Houston, TX

PARADISE by Noe Kidder from noe kidder on Vimeo.

Paradise Film by Noe Kidder, Music by Chris Becker (from the CD Saints & Devils)

On Sunday, February 13th, 2pm, at CultureMap, 1011 Wood Street First Floor, Houston, TX, I'll be presenting a set of laptop and Kaoss pad improvisations to accompany a screening of silent films by Noe Kidder - including Paradise (see above) and her collaboration with Arianne Anthony Goad, Ruby Quincunx, and Maya Deren. Noe included three tracks from my Saints & Devils CD in the latest cut of Paradise which continues to screen in New York City and beyond in experimental film festivals and venues. This gig will be the first time I've accompanied silent films completely solo. Over the years I've presented films in ensembles that have included Lynn Wright, Paul Watson, Lewis 'Flip' Barnes, Tony Maimone, Stan Smith, Roger Hines, and Trista Hill. So I'm excited - I'll be working without a net. I know these films so well and yet nothing ever happens the same way twice when improvising.

I'll be sharing the bill with Houston pianist and composer Kris Becker (no relation - weird, huh?) who will present what will surely be a smokin' set with his band Frozen Heat.

Since this is Houston, there will be a grill and plenty of food and beverages. And the gig is early enough so that you can hear some cool music, stuff yourself, then make it home to watch The Black Eyed Peas do their schtick at Cowboys stadium. Seriously, it should be a fun afternoon. Thanks to The Caroline Sessions and CultureMap for coordinating Becker squared.

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