Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two reviews of The Rite Of Summer

Photo of The Rite Of Summer by Steve Patlan
"Set to a stunningly reimagined version of Stravinsky’s score by laptop musician Chris Becker, The Rite of Summer celebrates the steamy season through which Houstonians are now suffering. Artistic Director Rebecca French’s choreography is inspired by Nijinsky’s movements but becomes its own beautiful beast." Alese Pickering reviewing "The Rite Of Summer" for Houstonia.

We had a great run of "The Rite Of Summer" which featured choreography and direction by Rebecca French, projected images by Varina Rush and my re-imagined / remixed version of Igor Stravinsky's iconic "The Rite Of Spring." I should also mention the beautiful lighting by Edgar Guajardo which you can see in the photo above of the show's opening tableau.

"The Rite Of Summer" received two glowing reviews, one from Houstonia and one from Houston Press. I was very pleased that both reviewers made room to mention the show's music.

The week leading up to the show, Rebecca, choreographer Sophia Torres (whose Psophonia Dance Company shared the bill performing their own work "Infinite Shapes") and myself headed over to KUHA FM to be interviewed by Bob Stevenson for The Front Row.

And finally, if you'd like to download my score for "The Rite Of Summer," which features drum, cymbals and percussion performances by Richard Cholakian, some heavy breathing by vocalist extraordinaire Alexandra Marculewicz Adshead, and a couple of singing gibbons recorded by composer Doren Bernard, I've posted the entire work in six files over at Bandcamp.

What an amazing weekend! Working with Rebecca and the whole team at FrenetiCore was a pleasure!

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