Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Widow" screens at [FAT] Arts & Fashion Week, Toronto April 24, 2014

Widow (trailer) from Jil Guyon on Vimeo.

Widow will screen April 24, 2014, during Toronto's Arts and Fashion week. The video was enthusiastically well-received at February's Dance on Camera Film Festival (NYC) and I'm very pleased its being screened again this year. Widow will also be part of an upcoming "Dance On Camera" tour, a streaming compilation of films screened at art institutions and universities.

Widow was created by filmmaker, performer and visual artist Jil Guyon and features a nearly continuous score I created out of my own collection of sounds and samples along with performances on percussion and analog electronics by SPIKE the percussionist and vocals by Lainie Diamond.

Jil offered clear ideas as to what she needed the music to do moment to moment, and the resulting score is one of my favorite things I've ever done. I am a huge fan of avant-garde films and have improvised several times to works by Maya Deren, Kenneth Anger, and Ron Rice to name just a few. I feel I shine when I'm working with filmmakers who push the medium in decidedly unconventional directions.

I asked Douglas Henderson to master two versions of the soundtrack, one for computer speakers and one for the typical movie-theater sound system. I was unable to attend the screening at the Dance on Camera Film Festival but look forward to hearing and seeing Widow in a theater one day in the future!

Created and performed by Jil Guyon
Cinematography: Valerie Barnes
Original Score: Chris Becker
Electronics and percussion: SPIKE the percussionist
Vocals: Lainie Diamond

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