Friday, April 3, 2015

Vigil, In the Thrust . . . , and Windtopia

Filmmaker, performer and artist Jil Guyon

Filmmaker, performer and visual artist Jil Guyon's Vigil will be screened/presented as an installation April 23 at FAT Toronto (Art's Fashion Week). I created the electronic score for Vigil while in what I can only describe as a self-induced trance. The video, beautifully shot by Valerie Barnes, features Jil slowly crossing the Salt Flats of Utah dressed in a long flowing black dress and scarf. (Way to go, Jil!) Our previous collaboration, Widow, has screened at film and music festivals across the country, including the 2014 Dance on Camera film festival at Lincoln Center.

Chroeographer Malcolm Low

Choreographer Malcolm Low's multi-media work In the Thrust Towards the Future . . . I Want to Leave Something of Use will be a part of E-Moves 16 at New York's Harlem Stage April 10, 11, and 17. I contributed music and sound design to this work, which is inspired by the Great Migration, the "decades-long migration" of black citizens from the South to the northern and western cities of the U.S. In the Thrust . . . recently premiered in Atlanta at Tanz Farm, and I look forward to seeing it presented in a slightly different version at Harlem Stage. Malcolm has been using my music in very innovative and unusual ways.

Photo by Mark Chen

I've also just begun creating music and sound for an unfolding, multi-media project by photographer Mark Chen, who has created projections and video to accompany live performances by Houston's Trio Oriens. Mark's work is incredible, and it is exciting to be exploring the possibilities of his medium in relation to sound and music. The project, entitled Windtopia, explores the future of the environment of our planet, and what sacrifices society will (or will not) make when faced with the possibility of its own extinction. There's a lot more to it than that, but I'll leave it there for now!

Happy Passover and happy Easter.

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