Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wremix at the NOW Music Festival

WIDOW_Remix, my most recent collaboration with artist Jil Guyon, will be screened at Capital University's 2017 NOW New Music Festival in Columbus, OH (Feb. 12-19) on a program of electronic media. This year's festival pays tribute to my composition teacher and mentor Dr. Rocky J. Reuter, and features works by many of Dr. Reuter's former students. I will share more details about the festival soon. 

The NOW Music Festival presented the original Widow in 2014, and will be screening this dramatic re-edit of that film, with an entirely new sound score. 

Jil Guyon (Director, Performer)
Valerie Barnes (Cinematography)
Chris Becker (Original Score)
Helga Davis (Vocals)

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