Saturday, August 26, 2017

August 19 Performance of Recidivistas in Socrates Park, NYC

Photo by Reiko Yang
(Note: The copy below comes from Racoco's successful Kickstarter campaign.)

On August 19, New York-based Racoco Productions presented an outdoor performance of Recidivistas, choreography by Rachel Cohen and music by Chris Becker. Racoco's longtime collaborator Chris Becker composed the music when the piece was presented as trio for chashama's Oasis Festival in 2006.

The dancers: Janet Aisawa, Jessica Burstein (, Destiny Cabrales, Marianne Camarda, Maryanne Chaney, Rachel Cohen (, Megan Curet, Rina Espiritu, Bianca Falco, Nicole Fuentes, Julia Gleich, Jenny Gram (, Eva Hansson, Holly Heidt (, Delsa Heredia, Masumi Kishimoto, Nicole Lee, Mengying Lin, Kymberly Nolden, Zoe Padden, Dalma Sacasa, Meghan Schardt, Irene Siegel, Despina Stamos (, Mary Staub, Emily Winkler-Morey, and Rose Zingale  

Racoco fuses absurdist visuals, quixotic choreography, and raw materials, frequently collaborating with visual artists and composers. Choreographer and performer Rachel Cohen founded Racoco in 2003.

Photo by Reiko Yang

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