Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Octopus

I have post hurricane Ike photos now from my family in Houston that I could post...but I've elected to post just one that made me laugh. The backyard octopus recovering shortly after the storm...needless to say I'm very glad my family is okay and able to deal with the current lack of electricity. Many others are not so lucky.

Been busy with a lot of music making which I appreciate. It's a little tiring...but as long as I have the physical energy to do this stuff I should do it.

I do plan to post notes on my classical guitar piece Delta soon. I seem to do best with this piece when I'm just being myself and not thinking about any other guitar literature out there. I need to - when putting pencil to paper (no, I don't use Finale) - remember to say "f--- it" and do my own idiosyncratic thang. The second section of the piece now is definitely me - it's a weird combination of percussive tapping, sudden shifts in register, and very steady Fripp like 5/4 rhythmic patterns. The key changes constantly, but not abruptly. I'm hoping the effect might be similar to that of water moving through a delta.

A good performer doesn't ask you to write a piece because they think it'll sound like Bach or Tippett or John Lee Hooker. They know (or should know) it's gonna sound like you.

Also moving along with a score for choreographer Adrian Jevicki. I'm reluctant to talk too much about his piece as I can't really do justice to the concept in writing. The subject matter that is inspiring some of the movement is very personal. And we are at that fragile stage where the piece (both the movement and music) isn't completely done but we definitely know where we are headed. You just have to trust that it will come together even if you feel like you are - either as a dancer or a composer - feeling your way around in the dark.

Actually, if you DO feel like you are fumbling a bit that is a good sign you're on to something.

I will say it's nice to be working with dancers / performers again after a little bit of a break. There's real trust between Adrian's company and myself and I don't take it for granted.

Next weekend is Music For Silent Films in Richmond, VA at ADA Gallery. Paul Watson (cornet, electronics), Lynn Wright (electric guitar), Virginia born Flip Barnes (trumpet), and myself (laptop, Kaoss pad) will be improvising live to a collection of silent films some of which we showed at Live With Animals and Zeitgeist this summer. We also plan to stretch out in between films as a quartet and just jam. We may even break up the evening into two long sets. If you come out, you'll definitely get your money's worth.

I'm sorry I missed Flip's Hampton Road's project at Cornelia St. last night. I had a rehearsal and afterwards fell asleep on my couch probably around the time he took the stage with his band!

Also - check out Gachupin this Saturday at Cornelia St. Free gig, great, great band.

More later...

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